The Importance of Web Design

If you’re building your first website, or maybe redesigning it to have a more updated look, Web Design is the one thing you want to keep at the forefront of your mind.

Web Design determines on how your website looks and feels to the user. It is what colours you use, the font, the images, the header and every other part of your site that is visible to the user. A good Web design has never been more important than it is right now, and the as more of the world moves online, this importance will only increase.

A good website design allows users to easily navigate your site, letting them easily see and access the things that they need quickly and easily. If you have menus hidden in menus this can easily frustrate the customer and lead to people clicking off your site and looking for another.

Whilst adverts can bring in some great revenue to your online business, it may also hinder it too. If the first thing a person sees when clicking onto your site is a huge banner at the top trying to sell them an unrelated product, they may feel like they’re not being valued enough. Believe me, people have clicked off sites for less!

Another important factor to consider when designing a site, are the colours you consider using. White gives a sense of freedom, and all of the most popular site (Google for example) use this colour more than anything else. Whilst black portrays a sense of luxury, good if you’re selling high end products. Having a colour such as red or green as the dominant colour on your site can lead to a high bounce rate, these colours aren’t to easy on the eye and psychologically, visitors won’t want to see them.

A great web design helps to keep visitors on your site, and coming back for more. Try to use beautiful imagery whilst also keeping adverts native and at a minimum. If you have an easy to navigate site, people are more likely to explore around and see what you’re all about.

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